Smart, preventative care for bed sores

Most people tend to naturally change sleep positions enough times during the night to prevent pressure-related injuries, such as bed sores. However, people with mobility issues – like seniors and the critically ill – cannot, and end up with bedsores as a result. Luckily, there is a technologically advanced solution that can put an end to this situation.

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Pressure-sensing mattress covers

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How it works

We are proud to present the latest pressure-sensing mattress cover made of a novel and affordable e-textile! Our Noxware product is designed to help seniors avoid developing bed sores without requiring the constant presence of a trained nurse at home.

Taking care of a patient and loved one just got easier, thanks to this latest technological advancement. Simply follow these 3 easy instructions:


Make sure your patient or loved one is positioned comfortably and completely on top of the pressure-sensing mattress.


The pressure-sensing mattress will evaluate the patient and alert caregivers and family members if the user is at risk for developing pressure ulcers and mobility attention is required for any body part. You will receive a notification on your phone and on the laptop that is connected to the device.


Approach your patient or loved one and help them change their position, while making sure they remain safe and comfortable. Timely intervention and preventative measures are now this simple and easy!

This simple process ensures that seniors can remain comfortable and independent in their own homes while receiving the care and attention they need.


About Us

What is Noxware?

Noxware Ltd. was founded in 2020 in Toronto, Canada, with the main goal of fusing cutting-edge advances in Materials Science, Flexible Electronics, AI, Embedded Systems, and Industrial Design, to provide solutions for preventing pressure-related injuries such as bed sores.

To that end, we are offering an innovative monitoring platform to help caregivers prevent bed sores for patients who spend long hours in bed. This cutting-edge technology can be used in nursing homes, long-term care homes, hospitals, and even in the comfort of your own house. Wherever there is a patient or a loved one who needs to spend long hours in bed, our product can be of help. It is all made possible thanks to our latest pressure-sensing mattress cover, which is specially designed to detect when mobility attention is required and notify the person in charge of the patient.

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Mattress Cover Monitoring System

Our pressure-sensing mattress cover is made of a novel and affordable e-textile that detects and notifies when mobility attention is required — for any body part!

It is designed to measure real-time body positions & movement

It will inform you which areas of the patient’s/love one’s body are currently at-risk of pressure injury so you can take the necessary actions

It can be a scalable B2B solution for hospitals, senior living, and other healthcare facilities

It can also be a consumer-friendly option for individual patient monitoring and assisted in-home care professionals.

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