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Noxware Ltd. was founded in 2020 in Toronto, Canada, that fuses cutting-edge advances in Materials Science, Flexible Electronics, AI, Embedded Systems, and Industrial Design, to provide solutions for preventing pressure-related injuries such as bed sores. Noxware Ltd. offers an innovative monitoring platform to help caregivers at nursing homes, long-term care homes, and hospitals to prevent bed sores for patients who spend long hours on beds. It also helps to prevent pressure related injuries for people who spend long hours on beds at home with its affordable and easy-to-use solutions without the need for the presence of a trained nurse. We have partnered with many research and development organizations such as The Kite Research Institute, Toronto Rehabilitation Institute, University Health Network at the University of Toronto, and Centennial College. Our mission is to apply the most advanced e-textile technology for remote patient care and other clinical applications.


Omid Mokhtari

Omid Mokhtari, Ph.D.

Founder & CEO

10+ years of R&D experience in
Microelectronics manufacturing,
e-textile, and smart wearables

Lindsay Stern

Lindsay Stern

Biomedical Engineer

PhD candidate at the Kite Research Institute, Toronto Rehabilitation Institute, UHN-University of Toronto


Dr. Thomas Moore, Ph.D.

Medical Device Development Advisor

15+ years of experience in medical device development

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